Wax or water based Hair Pomade – whats the difference?

When styling your hair, it helps to try a number of different products and see which one works best. You may have tried everything–from hair wax to hair gel, hair sprays, and pomade.

For those who wonder about the difference in wax or water-based pomade, here’s how to tell the difference in the product:


First of all, what’s a Pomade?

Pomades are hair product made from mineral oils. They’re often used when you want to slick your hair back, keep fly-aways at bay, or simply look put together.

The great thing about pomades is that they don’t harden like some gels or hair sprays. So if you want to style your hair differently at another time of the day, it’s easy.

Pomades work great for thick hair and hair that does not respond too well to other types of wax and gels. They are a bit tougher than other product and may feel heavier in your strands as well. But you can find pomades in a variety of strengths. They range from light hold to hard hold, so just find the one that suits your needs best.


Now, you should know that there are two distinct types of pomades:

  • Waxy, Oil-based pomades

As the name implies, they are made with oils, so tend to feel thicker and admittedly greasier. That said, their ingredients are inexpensive, and therefore more affordable.

They make your hair easy to style but have the tendency to feel warm on your scalp and clog the pores. This pomade is fine if you have no skin or scalp problems, but want something with a good, strong hold.

  • Water-based pomades

These are a little less firm but have a light and weightless feel. They maintain your hair style’s flexibility and are great for days when you may need to change up your hairstyle throughout. If you want a sleek finish or want to play around with textures, try a water-based one.

Celebrity Styles with Pomade

You may have seen David Beckham’s pompadour hairstyle and wondered how to recreate it yourself. This is a swept-back look with swag. Use a tiny amount of pomade applied with your palms to damp hair, and comb it back gently.

Celeb stylist Jason Collier says, “It’s a modern and masculine style, a look that works just as well on the red carpet as it does when he’s out and about with the family.”

Another guy whose hairstyles seem effortless is Zac Efron. His beach locks can transform to red carpet hotness with a defined quaff that shows off his maturity. You’ll need to have thick hair like Zac to pull this one off, so talk to us about any hair regrowth therapies you may be interested in. We have hair restoration shampoo and many hair restoration products available.

Dealing with Pomades: The Cleansing routine

If you have tried a thick pomade and have a hard time washing it out of your hair, don’t underestimate the power of a good conditioner! It’s also a good idea to ask your barber about hair care products that will complement the particular pomade you have chosen.

BSG’s master barbers and expert medical team have created the perfect pomade, which isn’t too greasy or oily. In fact, its highly active ingredients promote hair growth and hair health.

For The BSG HCO1 Edition Pomade, we chose water-based, so that it stays put but then washes off easily. We also offer the BSG HCO1 Edition Shampoo and Conditioner, so you can get a deep cleanse after any hair styling. Check out this and other best men’s grooming products that will up your style game overnight!

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